The Synderville Basin

Equal distance to Kimball and Old Town

Do you want to have quick access to the convenient shopping of Kimball Junction, make sure you are not too far from Main Street with super easy access to skiing? Consider the Basin, shortened for the Snyderville Basin which basically encompasses every thing past the White Barn towards Kimball Junction on the east side of SR 224.


In this area you will find many different options for housing but not a lot of commercial, which makes for quiet, peaceful neighborhoods.


As you head out of town, the first major area you will discover is Old Ranch Road. Old Ranch Road is pretty self explanatory, here you large equestrian and old farming properties can be found. If you are looking for privacy and space Old Ranch Road is a good place. Quarry Mountain Estates and Two Creeks offer the most exclusive gated neighborhoods closer to SR 224. Both of these exquisite upscale locations provide easy access to town, adjacent trail access and insane mountain views.


As you head closer to the Junction other larger home neighborhoods include Silver Springs, Ranch Place and Snyders Mill.


If you are more of a condo type person you will Silver Springs more to your liking. These affordably priced condos while scarce in inventory and dated they provide easy maintenance free living.

Willow Creek Park

Dogs swimming, kids playing, a hub of fun for all.

Right in the heart of Basin lays a locals dream park, complete with a “dog park area”, tennis courts, large soccer fields and a hub of the local trail system. Not to be missed is the kid’s playground, which includes a climbing structure, swings and more. Adjacent to a basketball court, 4 pickle ball courts and an outdoor covered structure for picnicking.


In the spring and summer you will find this active park bustling with locals. Local league kids soccer games take place and there is a paved walking trail complete with 5-station par course.


The dog park gives dog owners 2.4 acres of unleashed fun with a zero entry beach access to a dog friendly pond complete with a floating dock.


In the winter this same pond turns into the neighborhood ice skating rink and trails turn into workout paradise.


If you are looking to be Willow Creek Park adjacent and the Basin, check out homes in the Synders Mill or Willow Creek Estates.

Trails. Trails. Trails.

Your connection to the Basin

We love our year round trail system in Park City and the trails in the Basin do not disappoint. Starting from Kimball Junction access to the Basin via the trail system may be the best way to get around the neighborhood. Step out of any home and in this area and you will find a though fare to practically any destination in town.


The best connector into Kimball area would be the aptly named 224 Connector, this provides serene trail running adjacent to the Swaner Nature Preserve. This soft trail has a gradual inclines and declines making biking, walking or running a breeze.


If you want to head into town from the Basin, consider the McLeod Trail to the 224 Trail. While adjacent to SR 224 for most of the “ride” into town you will find the trail has a decent setback distance to enjoy the peaceful ride. If you are looking to be away from 224 connect via an underground tunnel to the Farm Trail, named after the great land near the historic White Barn (McPolin Barn). Any way you go, you will find that there are 400 miles of trails to be discovered in the Park City area.

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