Prospector Condos On the Market TODAY:

The most notable aspect of Prospector Condos is the affordability factor.  Most of the condos within the Prospector neighborhood were built long ago and therefore while some have been updated there are number of condos in the Prospector area are dated presenting great investment opportunities.  The size of the condos often help with the lower the pricing, Prospector Condos are typically smaller in size and bedroom counts.

Prospector Condos are centrally located and provide easy access to Historic Main Street and the Ski Resorts via the Rail Trail or the Park City Free Bus.

Prospector Condo Overview Map:

For Specific Condo Complex Information:

Prospector Square New Claim Condos Carriage House Condos Fenchurch/Chatham Crossing Canyon Crossing Sun Creek

Not Local, No Problem

If you are looking to buy or sell a Prospector Condo, we’d be happy to help! Out of town?  No problem!  Let us do the leg work.  To make life easier, we’ve created this Virtual Reality House Hunting program that’s FREE to use and allows you to house hunt from all over the world, to learn more click here: VIRTUAL REALITY HOUSE HUNTING