Good question.  One we’ve been answering for the past 17 years, we can tell you is that we’re different that most real estate agents!


First, we’d like to point out that new homes are different than old homes, seems obvious right?  But most agents focus on location, location, location.  They typically give little thought to the value of the newness of the home.  Why is this important?  


Home construction over the past 10 years has evolved in significant ways.  And if potential buyers are not being told how this is makes your home more valuable than other homes then they are basing your home value on JUST location and size. 👈🏼  And that’s sad.


How we work.

First, we do a complete inventory of what makes your home different.  We ask the right questions (we know a thing or two about new homes we’ve sold hundreds over the past 2 decades).  Then we make sure we market those features to ensure you are getting the most value possible.  Remember when you upgraded that insulation??  Yeah, we’re pretty sure that’s an important feature we should mention when selling.  


We then send our decluttering and cleaning crew in to help you stage your home to make it look like a “model” home it needs to be!  


Then we employ the latest in technology to market your home.  This means professional photography, virtual reality and 360 tours and hosting it on as many sites as possible to get you the most amount of exposure as possible.  We’re very social too…we will be spreading the words on all the effective Social Media outlets!  


Lastly, we work with our Realtor® community to network and communicate that your home is for sale but it’s different than the others because it’s new!  We’ve established relationships with other realtors in our town as new home sales experts.  


Who we are.

It’s just the two of us.  NOPE, we don’t have a huge team of people who help manage the process!  Over the past 17 years we find success when we are able to answer our own calls and deal with our clients on every step of the process.  We sit all of our open houses…that way we can really “sell” the new home difference!  


We are trained by the National Association of Home Builders.  We’ve continued to find success in keeping up with the latest trends in home building and technology from the national experts.  We are members of the NAHB and continue to learn and network with the leaders in the industry.  

We have these fancy designations:

MIRM (Master Institute of Residential Marketing)

CSP (Certified New Home Sales Professional)

CMP (Certified New Home Marketing Professional)

CAPS (Certified Aging in Place)  

👆🏼this just means we are focused on making sure we are the experts about new homes.  We are passionate about being the best in this market.  


What we’ve done.

Over the past 17 years we’ve sold hundreds homes and generated millions in sales volume.  Small ones, luxury ones and extravagant ones…mostly all newer ones!  


We of course, can sell any type of home.  We find that our experience in new home sales benefits all home owners.  When you rack up that many transactions you have the experience to handle complex negotiations and different scenarios!               


Free things we offer.

Pre-listing Inspection Walk Through Report.  At your convenience we will come over for a visit, create a list of what things need to be done prior to listing your home.  We do this so you can get the most money for your home and sell it in the shortest amount of time.  If you choose to work with us, we will send over our declutter and cleaning crew as part of a service we offer with all new listings!  


Home Value Report. Wondering what your home is worth?  We can generally give a quick estimate over the phone.  These ball park values are just that…we both know that your home is different that the others so we always think it’s best if we come over and go through our extensive home inventory report to generate a real home value and we’d be happy to do that any time.                      

World Domination? No, we’re not looking to the biggest…we just want to the best at selling newer homes and maintain the level of service our clients have grown used to!  

So when your are ready to, call us.  In the meantime, if you are interested in one of free services (no strings attached) just click on the “contact us” button 👉🏼 and send us a quick message!  We’d be happy to help.